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In STIPEL, we cooperate with all parties concerned for the promotion of occupational health and safety in the energy sector by means of the certification of persons. STIPEL is the scheme owner of the examinations. The schemes of STIPEL are supported by the representatives of all network operators, owners of electrical installations, contractors and instructors in the Netherlands.

About 40,000 persons have a valid STIPEL certification. About 30,000 persons are working under the responsibility of a distribution network operator and they meet the specific requirements of the Dutch network operators for the distribution of both natural gas and electricity. About 10,000 persons are working in the private sector and meet the requirements of NEN 3140 and NEN 3840, which are the Dutch applications of EN 50110 concerning the operation of electrical installations.

The certification of persons is done by conformity assessment bodies, which have a license with STIPEL. The conformity assessment bodies must be able to meet the requirements of ISO/IEC 17024, which is the international standard for certification of persons. The candidates may apply for certification with the conformity assessment bodies. The candidates have to meet the entry requirements and have to pass theoretical and practical exams.

The STIPEL certification is a generally accepted element of implementation of the employer’s obligation to instruct employees as required by national occupational health and safety regulation (Arbeidsomstandighedenbesluit). The STIPEL certification is required for 100% of the projects related to the distribution networks, since the network operators agreed to apply the STIPEL schemes in all situations. Regarding other electrical installations, the STIPEL certification is the golden standard, but employers may prove the legally required instruction of employees in another way.

All STIPEL documents and exams are in Dutch. We do not provide for examinations in foreign languages.